• 100% Done-for-you custom campaigns
  • Optional monthly management fee
  • Build & leverage your brand & credibility
  • Multi-channel inbound lead system
  • Use our in-house acquisitions & dispositions team

How Our Multi-Channel Inbound Lead System Works

We leverage your brand & credibility to consistently drive inbound motivated seller leads into your sales funnel. Haven’t established your online credibility yet? Don’t worry, we’ll help you do that. Establishing your online credibility profile is the best way to increase your conversion rate, lower your cost-per-lead & pre-frame your leads that your company is the best solution to their problem. We will integrate our system directly with your CRM, or if needed, set you up on ours which includes plug & play speed-to-speed and long-term nurture sequences at no extra cost. Best part? We guarantee our system helps you close deals or YOU can choose not to pay.

Inbound Marketing Channels

Google Ads

Google Search Ads for real estate investors has been a powerful inbound marketing channel for the past decade. While these leads tend to cost more than other marketing channels, they also convert into contracts at one of the highest rates. As your business scales and your time becomes more valuable, implementing highly efficient marketing channels like Google Ads can help you buy back your time.

 Meta Ads

Meta Ads (formerly Facebook) for real estate investors tend to get a bad reputation. This is primarily because the average marketing agency focuses on quantity, not quality. They brag about the cheap cost-per-lead but fail to mention how many of those leads are actually qualified. At Freedom Leads, we value your time, and believe in a quality over quantity based approach.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO for real estate investors is a powerful marketing channel to establish alongside your paid advertising campaigns. SEO is the strategy businesses deploy to rank their website on the 1st page of search engines, primarily Google, but also Bing, DuckDuckGo & Yahoo. While this strategy generally takes at least 6-12 months to gain traction, the long-term benefits will give you a consistent flow of the highest quality motivated seller leads you can get.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of doing custom campaigns with you?

The average real estate wholesaler or investor we work with starts with an all-in budget of $3,000 - $7,500/mo, however many scale beyond this as their campaigns mature. The minimum requirement is $3,000/mo, so if you’re not prepared to invest that yet, check out our pay-per-lead program.

Do you use my brand to generate these leads?

Yes, not only do we use your brand, but help further establish it as needed so you can stand out in your local market.

Are there any long-term commitments required?

No long-term commitments, but we do recommend a minimum of 90 days. If you’re not prepared to commit to at least 90 days, we recommend checking out our pay-per-lead program. 

Do You Guarantee Results?

Yes, if you’re not closing deals by using our system, you can choose NOT to pay.

What if I don’t have a CRM to help manage the leads?

No worries! If you don’t have a CRM yet, or you have a CRM but you don’t have any automations set up, we can provide you with ours at no additional cost. Our goal isn’t to just generate you high quality motivated seller leads, but to actually convert those leads into signed contracts. That’s why we provide you with all the tools necessary to do so.

Do I own all the work you help me with?

Yes, that is one of the greatest benefits of our custom campaigns option. We are simply acting as your virtual marketing department. You own your brand, your marketing assets, your campaigns, etc.

Can this help my other marketing channels perform better?

When we help real estate investors build & establish their online credibility profile, we tend to get feedback that it helps their other marketing channels perform more effectively, such as their direct mail, cold calling, TV, radio & others.

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