At Freedom Leads, our marketing team spends countless hours creating ways to help your real estate wholesaling and/or investment business succeed. We go beyond the normal services that digital marketing agencies offer, providing services and resources that give you a strong foothold in the market and help you outperform your competitors.

Introducing Our D.E.A.L. Method Academy

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At Freedom Leads, our marketing team spends countless hours creating ways to help your real estate wholesaling and/or investment business succeed. We go beyond the normal services that digital marketing agencies offer, providing services and resources that give you a strong foothold in the market and help you outperform your competitors.

With that in mind, we recently rolled out our DIY Program, the D.E.A.L. Method Academy, a comprehensive course with step-by-step video modules that equip you with the information you need to successfully start generating qualified, inbound motivated seller leads online. Not only do we include the video modules, but we also provide support via our private online community using a platform called Skool as well as weekly group coaching calls via Zoom so you can spend less time stuck and more time getting results online.

If you are ready to stop relying on traditional outbound marketing strategies like cold calling, texting, RVM & direct mail and you’re ready to set-up a system in your business that consistently generates 15-30+ high quality motivated seller leads every month, the D.E.A.L Method Academy is for YOU!

Below is a summary of what you can expect to learn. To learn even more, go to While there, you can even take advantage of our introductory special and save big (limited time special that will not be available forever)!

Google Ads is a vital ad platform for many experienced real estate investors. If you can learn to master Google Paid Ads, you are more likely to get qualified motivated seller leads with a higher close rate than most other marketing channels. On average, it takes our private clients only ten to twelve leads to get one deal. Our Google Ads manager will teach you the most practical and proven REI digital marketing approaches that produce results. You will learn everything from the basics to more advanced techniques

  • Setting up your Google account
  • Bidding strategies
  • What keywords to use (and not use)
  • Remarketing strategies
  • Managing ad spend
  • Building a search campaign

Social Paid Ads

Facebook Ads expands your audience, allows you to engage with potential sellers, and finds those with a higher level of motivation. Unfortunately, a lot of investors underutilize Facebook as a prime resource for finding motivated sellers. Why? Because they don’t know how to make the most of the platform. Without the right strategy, Facebook ads can quickly flood you with a bunch of low quality, tire kicker type leads. With our private clients, it takes them, on average, twenty to twenty-five leads to get one deal. Inside the D.E.A.L Method Academy, we teach you how to get the most out of Facebook Paid Ads, including how to

  • Set up your Facebook Manager
  • What type of form to use
  • Set up your Facebook Pixel
  • Create an audience
  • Build a prospecting campaign
  • Build a remarketing campaign

Reputation Management

One of the keys to your success as a real estate investor is building and maintaining a strong reputation with motivated sellers and other real estate professionals. Reputation management includes creating a strong public profile, engaging with sellers, and responding to feedback. We offer valuable insights on how to set-up & consistently improve your reputation management, such as

  • Setting up your Google Business Profile
  • Integrating all of your credibility together
  • Automating Google reviews
  • Setting up your BBB profile
  • Creating video testimonials
  • Responding to reviews

Websites & Landing Pages

The primary purpose of your real estate investor website is to attract qualified leads and convert them into real estate deals. Everything about your website’s design must help you achieve these goals. Landing pages can also be highly effective. If your website or landing page is not producing leads, you’re likely missing something. Our academy can help you build a more effective website with the following modules:

  • How to build a high-conversion site
  • How to create effective landing pages
  • How to use simple 2 step forms
  • Turning your website into your credibility profile

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Another important component in your marketing strategy is search engine optimization (SEO). Like Google Ads, it can be difficult & time consuming to master site optimization. Our SEO expert teaches a wide range of SEO topics from keyword basics to SEO analysis. What will you learn?

  • Keyword research
  • The three pillars of SEO
  • On-site vs Off-site SEO
  • How to measure SEO success
  • Staying current with SEO trends
  • How to use SEO tools

Content Marketing

One of the most difficult aspects of marketing is figuring out what to say and how to say it. Our modules help you refine your message and engage your target audience with compelling website content. You’ll learn how to optimize the content for Google rankings, readability, and higher conversion rates.

  • SEO Content Marketing 101
  • Learn Basic Content Elements
  • How to use metadata
  • How to use keyword in content
  • How to increase website blog traffic
  • How to improve conversion rates

Data & Tracking

How do you know if your marketing efforts are producing the right leads? How much traffic are your Facebook or Google Ads driving to your website? What’s the ROAS (return on ad spend) from your advertising campaigns? What are your website metrics? Data and tracking analytics can help you answer these questions. Our data and tracking team can help you learn the basics of analytics by teaching you how to

  • Import goals from GA4 to Google Ads
  • Set up Facebook tracking
  • Use Google Tag Manager
  • Set up Facebook in Google Tag Manager
  • How to set up GA4 from scratch

Spark Follow Up

Spark Follow-Up is a customized CRM platform built with tools & resources specifically for real estate investors. Spark allows us to generate and monitor all leads through the entire sales cycle. The platform has various automations built in depending on where the lead is at in the sales process. With Spark-Follow, you can learn

  • Why a lead-nurturing CRM is important
  • How to manage leads in a pipeline
  • How to nurture a ‘no-contact’ lead
  • Now to nurture a long-term follow up lead
  • How to create a custom workflow
  • How to use Zapier with Spark

Enroll Into The D.E.A.L Method Academy Today & Start Generating High Quality Motivated Seller Leads Online

We know from many of the wholesalers and investors that we talk to how important it is for you to be consistently talking to high quality motivated seller leads. Without the right leads, you don’t have much of a business. We also know, depending on where you’re at in your business, it may not be practical for you to hire a marketing agency to do all of this work for you.

That’s why we created the D.E.A.L Method Academy. To empower all real estate wholesalers and investors, regardless of your skill level or experience, with the right information that will allow you to be successful with your online marketing efforts. Come and join us and see your business grows in the coming months & years.

If you are a real estate investor with the highly coveted ability to attract a high number of motivated seller leads, you need to ask yourself two primary questions:

  1. "What is my process for leads that come in?"
  2. "How many leads turn into contracts?"

2022 brought a lot of challenges to the real estate market. Both buyers and sellers faced inflation, higher interest rates, housing shortages, supply shortages, and greater competition in the marketplace. Regardless of how successful you were over the last year, it’s imperative that you assess your REI business and prepare for the upcoming year.

When developing your marketing strategy for attracting motivated seller leads and converting them into real estate deals, you want to employ a multi-faceted approach that includes as many different traditional and digital marketing channels as possible. You also want to develop a system that allows you to track and analyze the progress of your marketing campaigns within each channel.