Common Questions We Get Asked

How much does it cost to work with you?

We have 3 different ways you can work with us, which include our custom done-for-you programs, our pay-per-lead program & our done-with-you program.

At the done-for-you level where we use your brand & credibility to generate leads, the minimum entry point begins at $3,000/mo, which includes your ad spend and our management fee. 

For pay-per-lead, there’s no monthly management fee, you only pay per lead. It’s $300/lead unless you’re wanting leads nationwide, then it’s $150/lead.

Our done-with-you program options range from $197 - $1,497. This is only a one-time cost as with this, we do not manage campaigns for you.

Do you guarantee any results?

Our Gold Done-For-You Program does have a guarantee, which guarantees you put a minimum of 1 deal under contract in your first 90 days, or we work for free. Many of our investors end up doing 2-3 deals, however we guarantee 1. With that being said, no matter what you do, it’s important to have the right expectations when investing into marketing. Without the right systems and processes in place, you will likely struggle converting leads into deals, regardless of the lead source.

How many leads will I get every month?

This is a hard question to answer without collecting more information, such as which marketing channel you’re using and what your budget is. Generally speaking, Google is lower volume but higher quality and social media is higher volume, lower quality.

Our average cost per lead on Google is typically $250-$400 and on social media we see $150-$200. So, take your budget and divide by our averages to get a rough estimate of how many leads you’d receive.

With our pay-per-lead model, that’s a flat fee of $300/lead so if you wanted to spend $3,000, you’d get 10 leads.  

Are the leads you generate us exclusive?

Yes, regardless of how you choose to work with us, every single lead we send you is 100% exclusive (as it should be). 

How long does it take to get a deal under contract?

On average, our investors end up putting their first deal under contract between 30-60 days of starting. This contract can oftentimes come from a lead generated in the first 30 days, however it can sometimes take 1-4 weeks of working with a seller before putting the house under contract.

Do you have a CRM to help manage motivated seller leads?

Yes, we have our Spark Follow Up CRM system designed specifically for real estate wholesalers and investors. It includes automations for speed to lead, leads you don’t contact right away, long-term nurture, properties already listed & more! Our CRM is included for free on all of our done-for-you programs. By itself, the CRM is $197/mo with unlimited users and contacts.

Do you build landing pages and websites?

Yes, we’ve built hundreds! Whether you need a full website or a simple, high-converting landing page we can help.

Have other questions that we haven’t answered? Call us today at 877-399-2259 and someone on our team will help you.