Website conversion is a consistent challenge for every real estate investment business. Regardless of how well designed your marketing strategy is and how well you reach your target audience, up to 97% of your traffic leaves your website without calling you or submitting a form. The good news is that many home sellers browsing your site are first-time visitors.

How to Get the Most Out of Freedom Leads Intelligent Postcard Retargeting

Website conversion is a consistent challenge for every real estate investment business. Regardless of how well designed your marketing strategy is and how well you reach your target audience, up to 97% of your traffic leaves your website without calling you or submitting a form. The good news is that many home sellers browsing your site are first-time visitors.

That presents an opportunity for you to reevaluate and reach those visitors. That's why we created the Intelligent Postcard Retargeting program.

Intelligent Postcard Retargeting helps you convert what would have been lost opportunities into new motivated seller leads. Best seen as a continuous marketing effort to re-engage your website visitors, Postcard Retargeting is an ongoing program or channel. With our program in place, every day becomes a new opportunity to increase conversions - without making changes to your website.

How to Get Started with Intelligent Postcard Retargeting

Getting started with the Intelligent Postcard Retargeting program involves two actions:

  1. Adding your tag
  2. Updating your privacy policy

The tag displays traffic on your website and the mailable address of each visitor. We display the "Top 40" URLs visited, including the Addresses per page. The tag is a line of JavaScript code. It's lightweight and asynchronous, so it doesn't affect your website load speed. Place the tag in the footer of your website so that we can monitor traffic to all pages on the site.

How the Tag Works

The website tag connects the visitor to an opt-in subscription network. An opt-in subscription is like an online publication, service, or form-fill where the home seller fills out their name and mailing address. When there's a match to a name and address, that visitor is "Addressable."

When your program goes live, we add the mailing addresses of the qualified visitors to our platform. Some quick stats:

  • Our match rate to the addressable leads is 50 to 60 percent
  • The match rate is different per website
  • We've seen some sites match higher than 70%

Tag Privacy and Compliance

It is important to understand that the tag is private and complies with privacy regulations.

The matching process is first-party* cookie-based, not IP-based. What is the difference?

IP-Based Cookies:

IP-based retargeting commonly uses "zones" around an IP address, overlaid with a latitude-longitude measurement of about 60 meters. Pinpointing the address can be difficult. You may have houses too close to one another in the IP address zone.

Plus, latitude-longitude coordinates can't distinguish between different apartments within a building—a block when you want to retarget visitors who live in metro areas. There's also a concern about website visitors browsing in a public space (coffee shop, airport, etc.), where the matched IP address may not reflect the actual visitor.

Freedom Leads's Cookies:

The Freedom Leads cookie-based technology doesn't rely on the browsing location of your visitor. It connects a user's specific device to their activity on your website and then matches back to their actual mailing address.

Privacy Compliance is from opt-in sources. Data gathering is compliant and follows privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. The names and addresses come in as a streaming data feed, which we send directly to our press to print and mail the cards. We don't share the mailing data with the advertisers, maintaining privacy compliance throughout the process.

Planning Intelligent Postcard Retargeting

When developing your retargeting strategy, identify the pages that get the most traffic from qualified, motivated seller leads. Target leads with higher clickthrough rates. In other words, they visit multiple pages on your site instead of viewing the home page and leaving.

Also, look for leads that visit pages with a strong call to action. You may want to target common pages such as a "Get Your Cash Offer" page or any other page with a strong CTA. These pages attract qualified home seller leads.

You don't have to send mail to every site visitor. Our Retargeting Program helps you refine your postcards to high-quality prospects and give you more traction with your marketing dollars. You can create parameters that can meet your specific goals. For instance:

Geographic Boundaries

You may only send postcards to visitors in a specific geographic region. We have several options for adding or excluding mailings based on these parameters.

ZIP Codes

If you only want postcards to go out in specific zip codes, we can choose those zip codes to limit where the cards mail.


We can pull a list of ZIP codes based on the distance from a single address or even multiple locations.


Instead of ZIP codes, you can also use States as a boundary.

Conversion URLs

You most likely have a page on your site where only leads visit, such as a thank you page. If Freedom Leads sets up your website, you likely have a /more-information page that redirects site visitors after they submit part one of the form.

If they land on /more-information, you know they have submitted part one. It is your conversion page URL. Because of high competition in the REI industry, we still like to send postcards to sellers that submit the form on your website (land on your conversion page URL). These sellers may have also reached out to other investors and if the seller receives a credibility based postcard from you 2-3 days after submitting your form, it can help you to stand out from the competition.

We also use the conversion URL to track performance by identifying users who've received a card and then returned to your website.

Planning Your Budget

Once you establish the targeting parameters, we determine the number of available visitors you can mail a postcard to daily. You control the budget by setting daily or monthly limits you adjust.

If your budget isn't enough to cover all the available visitors, we set additional filters to prioritize the most qualified leads. If your parameters are too restrictive to get the card volume you're trying to reach, we can always adjust them after the program begins.

Launching Your Retargeting Program

Now that you have identified which site visitors to mail postcards to, you want to design the postcards to be relevant to those visitors to increase response and conversion. When working with us, Freedom Leads designs your postcards and can add any items you want to include. Keep in mind, you're mailing cards to sellers who have already visited your site. So, focus on establishing your credibility and moving them past any potential objections.

We use a Standard 4.25" × 6" postcard mailing First Class because it combines the fastest speed-to-mailbox with the most affordable postage rate.

Billing and Payment

We bill you for the number of cards mailed. Billing occurs each twice per month, charging you for all cards mailed that previous time period. Payment options are via credit card or ACH. If you're an active client with Freedom Leads, we automatically default to the card you have on file.

Onboarding Checklist

Below is a quick checklist you can use to keep you on track and ensure that you've followed the right steps for retargeting your site visitors.

  1. Tag placed
  2. Update privacy policy
  3. Target URLs set
  4. Exclude conversion URL set
  5. Geofencing set (if applicable)
  6. Set daily or monthly budget
  7. Creative approved
  8. Choose start date

Since sellers visit your site daily, start mailing the postcards as soon as possible. Once your creative and parameters are in place and approved, we typically start mailing the next business day. If you need to delay the postcards, let us know.

Optimizing Your Retargeting Performance

Postcard retargeting aims to drive website visitors to the desired action (lead form, phone call, etc.). So, you'll want to optimize your program for the best results.

Mail Delivery

Using the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode technology, we track each card we mail out to provide multiple data points we monitor and analyze on our dashboard.

  • Number of cards mailed
  • Map of where we mail the postcards
  • State/ZIP delivery count
  • Percentage of cards delivered

Online Results Tracking

The most accurate way to track results is through our online dashboard. We track online response activity for 60 days for any visitor who received a postcard.

  • Return to site count and percentage: measures how many people who received a card returned to your website two or more days after receiving the card.
  • Conversion count and percentage: measures the visitors who received cards and returned to the conversion URL specified during the onboarding process.
  • Projected conversion: once the program is in place, the system forecasts your cumulative conversion expected in the upcoming 60 days.

Reporting starts seven days after the first mailing to allow time for delivery and for people to respond. After that, we update metrics daily and also show a cumulative tally.

Tracking Performance Outside of the Dashboard

All marketing strategies include variables for tracking performance. Response data is directional, not definitive. Each marketing channel spills over to and influences every other channel. For this reason, you need to expect a margin of error when analyzing or measuring the data.

We analyze the data in two ways:

1. Matchback Analysis

You send us a file, or we download the info from Spark Follow-Up. The file contains lead data. We match that file to the addresses of all the cards sent. However, there are situations where we may not be able to match to a conversion. It happens because:

  • You may have provided an address different from the address on the postcard.
  • Your data might have a business address instead of a home address.

2. Call Tracking

Freedom Leads creates an additional tracking number for the retargeting postcards. Any incoming call through this number will tell us the caller is calling from the card. If the seller doesn't call the number but calls the number from your website, we credit the follow-up to the postcard. This call would show as a 'direct' visitor since this person would go directly to your site.

A/B Split Testing Helps You Determine What Your Audience Responds To Best

Testing is key in optimizing a program to drive the best results.

You can set up A/B split testing to test messaging and see which performs better over time. It works well when you have enough volume for a test to be statistically viable. If you choose to perform a split test, we recommend that the single test variable - creative or message - is different enough to help you understand what best converts.

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