How to Automate Your Real Estate Lead Follow-Up

Nearly 75% of all real estate investment companies use marketing automation tools. Automation tools are already widely accepted by the vast majority of brands and marketers in the industry, giving them the edge they need to outperform the competition. In essence, if you’re not using automation, your competition is taking your qualified leads.

Automation allows you to make the ultimate digital transformation from manual processes - i.e., stopping what you’re doing to craft an email or text message - to automated responses to seller inquiries. So, whether you are looking at a house, in the middle of closing a deal, or busy at the office, any potential lead gets an automated response once they call, message you, or fill out a contact card. Let’s take a closer look at how to automate your real estate lead follow-up.

What is an Automated Follow-Up?

Nearly 50 percent of real estate investors still believe that automated technology is too advanced for their business. However, automation actually simplifies your marketing and does not make it more complex. 

What is an automated follow-up?

An automated follow-up is a digitally programmed trigger that sends an auto-reply to a potential qualified lead. The message lets the lead know that you received their request and will be calling them soon. The automated follow-up also sends you a notification so that you do not miss the inquiry.

You can customize follow-ups to match your schedule, preferred messaging, and preferred form of communication. Automated follow-up does not replace one-on-one interaction with the lead. Instead, it saves you time, creates a more efficient process, and ensures that you never miss a potential led. It allows you to focus more on other areas of your business.

What Can Automated Follow-Ups Do for Your Business?

Today’s automated apps and systems offer a broad spectrum of tools and features that give you full control over your interaction with motivated sellers. Some of the main features include

Landing Page Contact Forms

Have you ever wondered what happens when you fill out a request form or how you get a response so quickly? Using automation, you can link landing pages and website forms to your CRM. You can capture new leads instantly every time someone fills out a form. You can also separate call-back forms from information requisition forms. You can also sync leads to a particular device such as your phone or computer.

Syncing Your Leads

You probably receive an influx of leads from multiple sources every day. It can be difficult keeping up with each lead and monitoring its source. Automation can help you trace each lead while organizing and syncing the contacts. This feature is especially helpful when sending out mass messages via text or email or conducting market analysis. 

Mapping Out Your Workflows

What happens once a lead comes in? Is there a process in place for follow-up and funneling the leads? The easiest way to achieve this is with automated workflows or drip emails, which are easy to create with a system in place. You can map out your workflow so that every lead goes through the same process.

Automated Follow-Up Creates Accountability in Your Organization

Automation exposes areas of your marketing strategy that can need improvement. It can be a positive eye-opening benefit when you have a difficult time identifying the weaknesses in your campaign. Instead of asking, “Why aren’t we getting qualified leads?”, you start asking, “What are we doing with the leads we have?”

Automation takes some of the pressure off of your shoulders and helps to avoid leads from falling through the cracks, however, it doesn’t replace manual follow-up. If anything, getting high-quality automated leads should give you more time to follow up manually and improve your response times. 

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