How to Create a Powerful ‘About Us’ Page on Your REI Website

Of all the pages on your real estate investor website, one of the most important pages is the ‘About Us’ (AU) page. Second only to the Home Page as the page with the most traffic, the AU page helps motivated sellers get past the salesy side of your website and gives them an in-depth look at your organization. It’s a great tool for building relatability with potential motivated sellers leads.

Sadly, the ‘About Us’ page often receives the least amount of thought and attention. Why? Because most companies don’t know what to put on the ‘AU’ page or how to write down their ideas in an authentic, compelling, and human way. So, we put together a quick guide that can help get you started with your REI ‘About Us’ page. 

Note: Whether you need to write or re-write your REI website's ‘About Us’ page, Magnyfi’s team can guide you through the process. So, feel free to contact us and let us help you.

What Items Should Be on Your ‘About Us’ Page?

Most people shy away from the ‘About Us’ page because they simply don’t know what information to provide. So, here’s a quick rundown of what makes your page stand out.

A Mission Statement

Every great company has a flagship mission statement that sets its entire brand message. A mission statement is a one-sentence statement that describes what your company does. That’s It.

The statement's focus is to include action items, not broad strokes. For instance, if you were running a hamburger joint, your mission statement might be, “To cook the best hamburgers in New York City.” While that’s a cheesy, generic mission statement, the important word in the sentence is cook. It describes the company’s function or what it does. 

A Vision Statement

While a mission statement is more focused on the what, your vision statement is more focused on the why. It sets the tone for getting the reader to understand your company better. A vision statement is a two to three-sentence statement that talks about what your company wants to become or accomplish. What is the end game? 

Going back to the hamburger joint, if the mission statement is to cook the best hamburgers, the vision statement might be “to become New York City’s most popular hamburger restaurant.” 

So, to review:

  • Mission statement: “What we do.”
  • Vision statement: “What we want to become or accomplish.”

Your Company’s Story

Modern marketing allows real estate investors to strengthen their brand and create a culture that motivated sellers can identify with. Part of the culture is sharing you or your company’s story. There are two main ways to share it. 

  • Biography - Imagine if you were sitting around the campfire telling your story. It is a biography-style narrative that starts with your humble beginnings and culminates in how you’ve grown and what you are doing today. 
  • Timeline - A timeline focuses more on specific dates and events that act as benchmarks to demonstrate your company’s growth. Timelines are filled with highlights that allow the reader to see your journey using specific markers along the way.

Remember, your story doesn’t just need to be a bunch of facts thrown together. You need to draw the reader in with an interesting narrative that feels human. Your audience needs to appreciate your road to success after reading your story.

Your Core Values

Your core values are a huge selling point that converts website visitors into motivated seller leads. A set of real values is something that people can identify with. When your values align with theirs, you are more likely to win people over. It is especially true if your values are real and carried out in real scenarios.

Your values should directly benefit motivated sellers and seek their best interests and well-being. So, carefully choose your values and how you word your values. Your core values should also distinguish your real estate investor website from the myriad of other competitors in your market.

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