How to Get Reviews and Video Testimonials from Motivated Sellers

Imagine if your real estate investment business never received reviews from home sellers or other people you work with? How will you stand out amongst your competition? Why would home sellers feel confident working with you outside of what you say? Reviews and video testimonials are also a powerful way to build up trust and credibility with motivated seller leads so they are more likely to engage with you.

After all, real estate investment marketing is about developing healthy relationships and creating positive, win-win experiences that create more opportunities for your business - not just increasing your profit margins.

Here’s Our Step by Step Guide on How to Record Your Video Testimonials

Recording Instructions:

When recording, make sure your background is presentable. You could film this in your office, outside of your office, in front of a house, etc. Just be sure to avoid filming in front of a plain wall. 

You do NOT need fancy recording equipment to do this. If you're using your phone (which is 100% acceptable), make sure you hold it sideways for formatting purposes. If you’re working directly with us (Freedom Leads) and your video testimonial needs editing, upload the video file to your Freedom Leads Google Drive folder, and we will handle that for you.

Following the Outline

We give you an outline and not an exact script because we want this to sound natural and NOT scripted. What's in italics are just examples of things you can think of how you would talk to a motivated seller on the phone who asks questions like 

  • How does this work?
  • What kind of people do you help?
  • What are the benefits of working with you?
  • Why should I choose you instead of your competitor?

Intro: [General Intro Question That Your Client Can Relate With To Establish A Connection] 

Do you need to sell your house fast in [insert location] but don't know how? 

Introduction & Establishing Credibility

My name is (Insert Name), and I'm the (Position in Business) 

For the past (years of experience, we have helped property owners like you sell their houses quickly with no hassle! 

Explain Who You Work With And The Problem They're Facing

Whether your house is in disrepair, or you have a tenant inside who's not paying rent, and you don't know how to evict them. 

Or maybe you inherited the property from your family, and you don't want the hassle of maintaining it physically and financially. 

Or maybe you just need cash quickly to take care of unforeseen circumstances. 

Whatever the reason is, we can help! 

First Call To Action

To get a fair cash offer on your house, click on the button below, submit your property address, and one of our representatives will contact you to make a cash offer. 

[Benefit 1] Example of benefit below: 

“We'll give you a cash offer that will close within two weeks or less, and we'll buy the house as-is. It doesn't matter the condition of your property or what kind of content or debris is left behind. We will handle it as-is and take the house off your hands. 

[Benefit 2] Example of benefit below: 

"When you work with us, you will not need to pay any commissions or realtor fees that can cost you up to 6% more." 

Why Other Options Are Not The Way To Go

"So many homeowners have been burnt out by many investors who have given cash offers without the ability to close on closing day. 

Distinguish Yourself

“We are not like that. When we make you a cash offer, and you accept it, you don't have to worry about us backing out at the last minute. 

Re-establishing Expertise / Why You're The Best Option

"For the past (number] years, we have bought [insert amount of houses, and we can help purchase your house too. 

Our team has been able to help so many homeowners with different needs, from senior citizens moving to assisted living care to individuals who got behind on their mortgage payments. You name it. We've done it. Whatever the reasons are." 

[Optional] - Separate Yourself Even Further With A Unique Selling Proposition

As an added benefit, once we purchase your house, we will cover the cost of your moving truck! 

Second Call To Action

To get your fair cash offer on your house, click on the button below, submit your property address, and we will contact you to make a cash offer. Thanks, we look forward to speaking with you! 

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