How to Write a Google Review Without Creating a Gmail Account

As a real estate investor or home buyer, your business lives and dies with your reputation. Much of that reputation is shaped online, where past motivated sellers leave ratings and reviews. Where do most people go to find reviews about your real estate investment business? The answer is Google.

For this reason, your digital marketing agency works diligently to keep your Google My Business profile updated. When people find you on Google, you have a professional profile complete with great reviews from previous sellers.

But what about sellers who do not have a Gmail account? How can they leave a review on Gmail without creating an email account with Google? Below, we look at how to write a Google Review without a Gmail account.

Home Sellers Can Leave a Review in Just Two Steps

Motivated sellers do not need a Gmail account to leave a review. So, if they want to leave a review, you can show them how to do it in two steps.

Step 1: The Seller Searches for Your Business

The seller does a quick Google search for your business. If you are in a market with several competitors or another company with the same name, make sure they find the right GMB listing.

Step 2: The Seller Writes the Review

Once the seller finds your business, they find the review section of your GMB listing and go to the section where they can leave a review or even share an image.

Does the Reviewer Have to Sign In?

The answer is no. They do not have to create an account or sign in. As the user goes through the review process, they will be prompted to sign in. Here’s what they do:

  • Continue without signing in.
  • Click ‘create account’.
  • Choose ‘for myself’ or ‘for my business’.
  • Choose ‘use my current address’.

From there, Google will allow the user to leave a review. Once the user leaves the review, they simply click ‘submit’ or ‘done’ and send the review on its way.

Tips for Leaving Reviews

A previous client will need a little coaching when leaving a review. Share these tips with reviewers to create a meaningful experience for them and you.

  • Remind users that reviews are not anonymous.
  • Encourage users to be honest but courteous and professional.
  • If possible, try to gather feedback and resolve any issues before they leave a review.
  • Make sure they provide all the necessary information for a complete review.

Also, you may want to provide some incentives for seller feedback. Not all sellers will want to leave a review. Some may even turn down your request. So, get creative and `motivate an already motivated seller to leave a review. Make it worth their while.

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