The digital landscape continues to evolve, with Google's 2023 Core Updates at the forefront. These updates affect various industries, including real estate. This comprehensive guide explores the impact of these updates on real estate investors, shedding light on how to optimize online presence and investment strategies in response to the algorithm changes.

Google's 2023 Core Updates: A Guide for Real Estate Investors

By: Larry Weideman

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The digital landscape continues to evolve, with Google's 2023 Core Updates at the forefront. These updates affect various industries, including real estate. This comprehensive guide explores the impact of these updates on real estate investors, shedding light on how to optimize online presence and investment strategies in response to the algorithm changes.

What Are Google's 2023 Core Updates?

Google's 2023 Core Updates have significantly modified the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), presenting both opportunities and challenges for real estate investors. While the updates have increased retail brands' visibility, the traffic to these sites may not have necessarily increased.

Impact on Retail Brands

Google's August 2023 Core Update saw increased visibility for retail brands on SERPs. However, the surge in visibility did not necessarily translate to increased traffic. This outcome can be attributed to the introduction of new SERP features, such as Google Shopping placements and Popular Products.

The Role of Generative AI Tools

Generative AI tools have added another layer of complexity to the changes facing retail brands, particularly in creating long-form and image-heavy content. The integration of Google Search Generative Experience for Search (SGE) is set to revolutionize traditional search behavior and the way users discover products online.

The Updates: A Closer Look

Several updates have impacted realtors, including the August and October Core Algorithm Updates, the February 2023 Product Reviews Update, and the December 2023 Helpful Content Update. These updates have provided invaluable insights into the broad impact of these changes on thousands of sites.

Impact on Mobile and Desktop Trends

The core updates have affected both mobile and desktop trends, with mobile results tending to be stronger in both directions. Retail brands have increased their Page 1 visibility across devices, particularly on mobile.

Impact on SERP Features

The increased visibility of retail brands has been driven by the growth in SERP feature rankings. These features have contributed to the overall visibility growth, with the People Also Asked feature driving this growth while offsetting Local Pack losses.

Understanding the Methodology

The impact of the core updates was analyzed by gathering Semrush rank distribution data for multiple consumer retail brands in the United States. The focus was on the impact on retail brands selling directly to consumers, allowing for a concentrated examination of the changes in organic search based on their sites' architecture and target audience search behavior.

Measuring the Impact

The impact of the August Core Update was measured by gathering aggregate rank distribution data from Semrush and comparing changes in rankings and indexation between brand sites. The data was gathered ten days before and ten days after the August 2023 core update.

Impact on Visibility and Organic Traffic

Visibility is often used as a proxy for organic traffic, but they are different. There are many individual factors that impact both visibility and organic search traffic, such as website content changes, technical site issues, and consumer behavior.

How Do Google's Core Updates Impact Investor Online Presence?

Google's Core Updates impact real estate investors by reshaping rankings, emphasizing content quality, user experience, and trust. Adapting to these changes is crucial for maintaining online visibility and reaching potential clients effectively.

  • Rankings and Visibility: Core updates can alter how Google ranks websites. If an investor's site doesn't meet new quality criteria or fails to provide valuable content, it might drop in rankings, impacting visibility to potential clients.
  • Content Relevance: Updates often prioritize high-quality, relevant content. Real estate investors must ensure their website offers valuable information, such as market trends, property insights, and investment advice, to remain relevant in search results.
  • User Experience: Updates frequently focus on enhancing user experience. Investors need to optimize their site for mobile-friendliness, page speed, and overall usability. A positive user experience can improve rankings and attract more visitors.
  • Authority and Trust: Google emphasizes trustworthiness and expertise. Investors need to establish authority in their niche through reliable information, client testimonials, and transparent business practices.
  • Adaptation and Compliance: Staying informed about updates is crucial. Adapting strategies and content based on Google's guidelines helps maintain a strong online presence and avoids penalties due to non-compliance.

What Strategies Should Real Estate Investors Adopt To Stay Ahead Of the Updates?

To navigate Google's Core Updates, real estate investors should prioritize quality content, optimized user experiences, and strong link-building strategies while regularly auditing their SEO efforts. Engaging with local markets, fostering trust, and diversifying their online presence are also key tactics for staying ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

  • Quality Content Creation: Focus on informative, engaging content that addresses user needs and trends in the real estate market.
  • Optimized User Experience: Ensure mobile-friendliness, fast loading times, and easy navigation for your website.
  • Link Building and Authority: Build a strong backlink profile and establish authority by contributing valuable insights or guest posts within the industry.
  • Regular SEO Audits: Conduct routine audits to align with Google's guidelines and adapt strategies based on updates.
  • Local SEO Optimization: Target local markets with specific keywords and localized content to attract potential buyers or investors in specific areas.

Foster client engagement, respond to inquiries, and showcase expertise to build trust and credibility.

Explore various platforms like social media, real estate forums, or niche websites to expand visibility beyond the website.

How Can Investors Optimize Online Presence To Rank Higher?

Once Google Core Updates roll out, real estate investors can optimize their online presence by focusing on several key areas. 

Quality Content

Creating in-depth, valuable content that answers user queries and provides unique insights into the real estate market can significantly enhance rankings. It includes blog posts, market reports, investment guides, and property analysis, aiming to become a go-to resource in the industry.

User Experience

Ensuring mobile responsiveness, fast loading times, easy navigation, and secure browsing enhances the overall user journey. Google emphasizes user-centric experiences, so investing in these aspects can boost rankings post-update.

Diversify Online Presence

Engaging in social media, listing properties on reputable real estate platforms, and contributing insights to industry-related forums or blogs can improve visibility. Building a strong backlink profile from credible sources and localizing content to target specific markets further strengthens online presence and rankings in the post-Core Updates landscape.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Google’s Core Updates

Online visibility may diminish significantly as search rankings drop if you don’t adhere to Google’s Core Updates. Without complying with the updated algorithms, their websites might lose traction, leading to reduced organic traffic and fewer potential leads or clients.

A lack of adaptation might affect credibility and trustworthiness. If a website doesn't meet the new standards set by Google's updates, users might perceive it as less reliable, impacting the investor's reputation within the real estate market.

Without adjusting strategies, competitors who effectively adapt to these updates could outperform and overshadow non-compliant websites. This could result in a loss of market share and opportunities within the industry.

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