Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Google’s Latest Update

Google officially launched its June 2021 Core Update on June 02, 2021. However, unlike previous updates, the latest version drew an underwhelming response from SEO experts across the industry. One reason for this is that there were few, if any, major tool updates - i.e., the kind that normally draws either excitement or concern from SEO companies industry-wide.

Regardless, from an SEO perspective, every Google update is worth noting. Even small changes to Google’s tools, algorithms, or platform can cause disruptions in already-established SEO strategies. Below we look at Google’s core update and how it applies to digital marketing for real estate investors.

The Google Update Process

As a real estate investor, you do not have to understand the Google update report. This is typically something you hand off to your digital marketing agency. However, there are some things you should be aware of in terms of how to respond to Google updates. Here are five things you should do after every update.

1. Check Google Search Console (GSC) Data and History

Google offers a free tool called Google Search Console that provides in-depth information, such as

  • Keywords or phrases your website is ranking for
  • Search impression volume
  • Clicks and impressions your website has received
  • Trending reports for up to 16 months
  • Website submission and error status

Using the Google Search Console, you can learn more about what people are searching for and what drives them to visit your website. 

2. Check Keyword Rankings

Keyword rankings refer to your website’s rank in a search engine for a particular search term or phrase. When someone enters a search term such as ‘sell my house in New York, New York’, your page will rank in a Google search depending on how closely it relates to the search term or phrase.

You should check the keyword rankings for your website because any changes in Google’s algorithms can cause a significant drop in your website’s rankings. You may be ranked #1 in a certain market and then fall to page five in rankings after the Google update. If you noticed a huge drop in your ranking, you might want to rethink your keyword strategy.

3. Check Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides insights into your website’s traffic. You can assess data such as

  • Number of site visitors
  • Visitor location
  • Source of the traffic (social media, landing page, etc.)
  • What device people are using to view your site
  • Which pages are getting traffic
  • Length of visit, bounce rates

As with all other data, Google Analytics’s information might be skewed, outdated, or completely wrong after the update. Or your data may be more accurate and up-to-date than it was before. Note: The accuracy of the data also depends on how well you set up the tools before the update.

3. Check Third-Party Tools

Sometimes you can get a more comprehensive website performance assessment by using tools that are not on Google analytics or search console platform. There are plenty of SEO tools available that can provide performance insights. For instance, one of the best tools that we use is SEMRush. 

SEMRush is an online visibility management tool that offers a vast array of SEO, PPC, and social media tools. You can pull fully customizable reports and analysis on your how well your website is doing. You can compare SEMRush with Google to get a complete overview of your site, tweaking your SEO strategy along the way.

5. Outsource Your Google Update Audit

Just because you’re a master real estate investor doesn’t mean you are an expert in all areas of your business. Chances are, you don’t have time to properly manage your marketing because you are too buying making deals. So instead of tackling digital marketing on your own, you may want to outsource it to a digital marketing agency. 

You can start by getting an SEO audit from an expert. Outsourcing SEO services will provide your company with an entire team of experts for considerably less than it would cost to hire an in-house team. An SEO company or agency can provide higher value for comparatively little cost.

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