In the digital age, reputation management is paramount to any business’ success. What people share online about their experience working with you can make or break your long-term success. Sadly, most real estate investors don’t spend enough time quickly addressing bad reviews or publishing praise from satisfied sellers.

Remember this: If you’re landing a real estate deal but don’t get feedback from the seller on signing day, you’re leaving money on the table. Our reputation management system leverages your business credibility by providing the tools that make it easy for satisfied sellers to leave reviews and for you to view them. From Google to social media, we help you manage the feedback that helps you increase your conversion rates and close more deals.



If you’re utilizing more traditional marketing strategies such as door knocking, cold calling, RVM, mailers or bandit signs, you are creating online demand and may not even realize it. Oftentimes, it’s these very marketing strategies that raise the curiosity level of potential home sellers, leading them to research via their preferred search engine.

If someone sees your company name on a mailer or you give it to them over the phone, and they search for you on Google, what are they going to find? Are they going to find nothing? Are they going to find your company information, but no reviews? Or are they going to find your company information with dozens of 5-star reviews? The answer to those questions may dictate whether the seller feels confident working with you.

When you manage your online reputation, all other marketing channels will improve meaning more close real estate deals. What is one deal worth to you? Is it worth the two minutes it takes to get the review?


As a busy investor, you do not have time to follow up on every seller review. Our program can monitor, influence, grow, and manage everything posted about your business online. We provide the tools you need to protect your reputation while continuing to establish trust with sellers.

Monitor Feedback

You are not always able to keep an eye on the feedback you receive from sellers. As such, you’re not always able to respond to or update your reviews as needed. We integrate your Google My Business with our Spark Follow-Up CRM so you have everything in one, easy to use dashboard.

Online Directories

Using our Spark Follow-Up CRM, we can publish your real estate investment business information on nearly 60 directories across the web to expand your overall web presence. Almost all directories provide opportunities to review or add positive reviews from home sellers.

Setup Google My Business

The most powerful and visible online directory is Google My Business (GMB). We set up your business profile on GMB, add attractive images and content, and regularly update your listing. We optimize your GMB listing to give you the highest level of visibility possibility. This builds credibility with sellers.

Access Automated Features

Did you forget to ask for a testimonial after closing a deal with a seller? No problem. Once you close a deal, our automated system can send a text message to the seller with a link to your GMB asking them to leave a review. We make it easy for sellers to leave reviews by eliminating unnecessary steps.

Add Reviews to your Website

We add reviews during and after designing your website. Our web developer posts reviews that are authentic and compelling. The feedback you receive is from actual home sellers with whom you recently closed a real estate deal. Seller reviews help you establish trust where it matters most.

Video Testimonials

We believe the most powerful type of testimony is a video testimonial. Why? It’s the hardest to fake. Also, it gives the seller a chance to describe their situation, their thought process, the reasons why they decide to work with you and if they enjoyed working with you. We provide a step by step PDF on how to craft powerful video testimonials that will be stored on your website for years to come.


The Motivated Sellers Marketing Program provides all-in-one solutions that help you take control of your online reputation. We ensure that you get more reviews, show up where customers are searching, and gain customer insights to drive revenue. Some of the tools and software we utilize to build brand credibility include:

Google My Business

Since Google is a search engine, it generates the highest quality leads for real estate investors. Because of this, we believe that Google is the most lucrative place to build and manage reviews. If you haven’t already set-up your Google My Business, we can provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to do so (it only takes 5 minutes).

Once your GMB listing is set up, Google will mail you a postcard to validate your business address. Afterward, you simply add our team as a manager on your account. From there, we manage your GMB listing and keep you updated on your progress. Easy enough?


We assign a CallRail tracking number to your Google My Business listing which allows us to better understand the impact of your GMB profile. In order to prevent Google from losing trust in your business’ online information, it’s important to keep the phone number used on your website in your GMB listing. If you completely remove the phone number on your website from your GMB listing, you risk damaging your trust level with Google.

Once integrated, the tracking number allows us to label GMB-related call traffic. It doesn’t matter if a home seller calls you by clicking the GMB listing number or if they click on your website link and contact you from the home page. CallRail tracking can follow seller activity regardless of how they get in touch with you once they view your GMB listing.

Spark Automation

Are you tired of waiting until you get back to the office to follow up on reviews or leads? The Spark Follow-Up app solves that problem. Simply download our app, and you have access to leads, reviews, analytics, and other data. Through our Spark automation, every time you mark a lead as “closed” in our CRM, our system automatically sends them a text message with a link to your GMB asking them to leave a review.

While we highly recommend that you ask sellers to leave you a review in person, this automation ensures that the seller receives a review request when you close on the house. The more reviews you have and the more recent they are, the more visibility you will get on Google’s search results.


If you are ready to take your real estate investment business to the next level, contact our team today. Learn more about how we can help you implement our Motivated Sellers Marketing Program in your area. To check the availability of your market, fill out our application form or  contact us at 877-399-2259. We work with a limited number of real estate investors per market, so claim your market today.