Troubleshooting Facebook Tracking Errors

One of the benefits of digital marketing is your ability to monitor and measure your marketing campaigns using advanced analytics and tracking and gathering hard data. Few platforms help you track your paid ads as well as Facebook. Using the Facebook Pixel, you can collect data that allows you to assess and fine-tune your marketing campaign for your real estate investment social media page.

However, regardless of the features and benefits of Facebook Pixel, errors do occur. When you experience an error, you need to identify the problem and fix it. Below, we look at some common Facebook tracking errors and how to troubleshoot them. If you have further questions, feel free to contact the paid advertising team here at Freedom Leads. We are here to help you gain more traction with your Facebook paid advertising strategy.

What is Facebook Pixel (Tracking)?

The Facebook pixel is the digital code that you place on your real estate investment website. It collects data that helps you perform four main functions.

  1. Track conversions from Facebook ads
  2. Optimize ads
  3. Build targeted audiences for future ads
  4. Remarket to people who have already taken some kind of action on your website.

The Facebook pixel works by placing and triggering cookies to track users as they interact with your business on and off Facebook and Instagram. Through retargeting, you can remind motivated sellers to come back to your site to sell their houses. 

What Are Common Facebook Tracking Errors?

Below is a list of common Facebook pixel errors and how to identify or diagnose them. 

Invalid Currency Code

This error appears if the currency code for an event isn't formatted correctly. The currency code must match the standard 3-letter ISO currency codes, like USD and GBP.

How to diagnose or fix: Click ‘See affected URLs’ to see which pages and parameters are causing this error and make necessary updates.

Missing Event Name

This error appears when your event is missing a name. The event code must contain an event name, whether a standard event name or a custom event name. 

How to diagnose or fix: Click ‘See affected URLs’ to see which pages and parameters are causing this error and make necessary updates.

Invalid Value Parameter

Missing Value Parameter or Missing Currency Parameter: This warning message appears if a value or currency parameter is empty or missing for an event or if the value or currency parameter isn't formatted correctly.

How to diagnose or fix: Code snippets need to contain both a value and currency parameter. The default standard event code contains USD 0.00, which you can update to a specific value and currency for your event. The value field must contain a decimal number greater than or equal to zero and may not include letters, special characters, currency symbols, or commas.

Event Name Mismatch

This warning appears if one or more of your standard events is similar but not identical to a standard event. If you'd like to measure this action as a standard event, you'll need to update the event code snippet on pages of your website to match the standard event formatting.

How to diagnose or fix: Click ‘See affected URLs’ to see which pages on your website may contain incorrect standard event code. Keep in mind that events are case-sensitive. 

Multiple Events on an Action

This error appears if your pixel sends multiple events in response to a single website visitor action, like a button click or page load. In most cases, your pixel should only send one event per visitor action. For better reporting and ad optimization, only add event code to specific pages or inline actions that reflect the action someone takes on your website. 

How to diagnose or fix: Click ‘See affected URLs’ to see which pages of your website may contain duplicate or incorrect event code. Remove extra event code snippets from pages where that action doesn't occur. Check your website's HTML code and remove any extra event code from your HTML template header. The only Facebook code that belongs in your website’s header is the Facebook pixel base code.

Invalid Email Provided

This error appears when Facebook receives an invalid customer email address from your pixel. It may affect the performance of advanced matching features. 

How to diagnose or fix: Open your website's source code and ensure the pixel-advanced matching features receive the correct information.

Duplicate Events Detected

This message error appears if you log an event using your website's source code and an automatic event. It leads to duplicate events and may affect the accuracy of your pixel reporting. You'll continue to receive this event if through your website's source code.

Potentially Violating Financial Data

This alert appears if potentially violating financial data exists. This data doesn’t comply with Facebook’s terms and policies. This information isn’t in the FB ad systems, and you can’t view or use it to help protect the privacy of your users. It may impact the performance of any ads optimizing on the affected ad events, including those in Custom Audiences or custom conversions.

How to diagnose or fix: Review the details in the diagnostic and determine if you send any potentially violating financial data. If it is, remove it using the solution provided in the diagnostic.