What Is Geotagging and How Does It Help SEO?

In simple terms, geotagging is the process of assigning a geographical location to a media file on an online platform such as a website or social media page. For instance,  if you were selling homes in Houston, Texas, you could tag the keyword ‘Houston, TX’ to media such as QR codes, text messages, websites, videos, or photos. 

The geotag can include useful information such as location, identification, contextual information, or timestamps. It is usually based around a primary location that acts as a keyword or part of a keyphrase. Real estate investors use geotagging to improve Google rankings and target their preferred real estate market.

How Is Geotagging Important to SEO and Marketing?

Geotagging is another tool you can use to track and analyze home seller activity. By using geotags, you can assess how sellers interact with the real estate market at large. From there, you can fine-tune your brand, messaging, SEO, and paid advertising. 

Geotagging reveals where sellers are when looking for home buyers or how they engage with the marketplace throughout the day. Like consumers, home sellers like to geotag their activity on social media. If they list their house online, they may use geotags to let people know where the house is located. 

By geotagging the media on your platforms, you are more likely to find sellers when they geotag their listing.

What Media Can I Geotag?

There are several practical uses for geotags.

  • Social media posts
  • Geo-based keywords in your content
  • Google My Business
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Emails and text messages
  • Landing pages
  • Internal and external links

You can geotag virtually any item that you place on your website or another platform where you expect to see traffic or connect with your audience. Geotagging works on all devices, including computers, phones, tablets, etc.

What Are the Benefits of Geotagging?

Improved Search Engine Optimization

When searching for a real estate investment business, sellers type in the keywords and locations. Geotagging your content and other important business websites ensures that your business ranks higher in the search results whenever a seller searches for a buyer in your area.

Improved Data Analysis

You can use geotagging to understand which locations perform better than the others. It also helps you collect important behavioral information about sellers. Furthermore, targeting seller behaviors and using that data to channel new marketing strategies in various areas becomes easier.

Simplified Processes

Social geotagging involves the addition of photos or videos to a particular geographical location on the map. This process simplifies various sales tracking and mapping processes while saving time and money.

Greater Online Presence

Geotagging your business website can influence the way you appear in the search engine results compared to a relative search term and who gets to see your business website while searching for local businesses. It ensures better brand awareness and improved online visibility for your business locations.

Live Monitoring and 

Geotagging helps in live monitoring and the automation of your workforce. Geotagging also allows sellers to tag their location and let their friends know about it and also help people find a local you when searching for a real estate investor in their area.

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