Why Should You Use a LinkedIn Business Page for Your REI Business

When you mention social media marketing, most real estate investors think of Facebook or YouTube. However, another creative marketing channel that can expand your market reach is LinkedIn. Designed for business professionals, LinkedIn may help you find an entirely different type of motivated seller that you may not connect with on other social media platforms. Below is a quick guide on why you should use LinkedIn and how to set up a LinkedIn business page.

Why Your REI Company Should Have a LinkedIn Business Page

Other than the fact that it costs you nothing to create your own business page, there are several practical reasons to promote your business on LinkedIn.

Reason #1: You Create Another Channel That Drives Traffic Back to Your Website

Sure, LinkedIn doesn’t pack quite the marketing punch that Facebook does. It may not even rank among your top marketing tools. However, it never hurts to create an additional marketing channel that drives traffic to your website - especially if it’s a free tool. Plus, LinkedIn is great for your backlinking strategy because it has a high domain authority.

Tip: Use LinkedIn to promote new content on your site. Every time you create a new problem page, location page, main page, blog, etc., create a post for it on LinkedIn and link the post back to your page. If you’re working with our SEO team, we will do this for you!

Reason #2: LinkedIn Establishes Credibility

There’s an ongoing stigma attached to social media sites in that they do not establish credibility. While it is true that your website will generate more trust than any other digital platform, there is a certain expectation that people have about LinkedIn profiles. In addition to your website, real estate professionals will go to LinkedIn to learn more about you and your company. 

Why? Because - as we stated before - LinkedIn was created by professionals for professionals. Having a LinkedIn profile gives you an opportunity to network with people in the real estate world, such as other investors, lenders, contractors, landlords, or property managers. There are several things you can do to make your profile look professional.

  • Choose a staged headshot that was taken by a professional photographer.
  • Make sure your information is always current and accurate.
  • Choose a role, function, or purpose for your headline - not just a job title.
  • Create a narrative for your summary - not just a career summary.
  • Avoid commonly used buzzwords when listing your relevant skills.
  • Grow your network by connecting with people that matter.

Note: Something else to remember: Another reason to have a LinkedIn profile is that when people search your company online, your LinkedIn Profile will show up in the search results.

Reason #3: LinkedIn Is a Great Tool for Establishing and Building Your Brand

Whether you are building a personal or organizational brand, there are plenty of ways to establish and grow your brand on LinkedIn. Some of the most common ways that users build a personal or professional brand include

  • Personalized profiles and about sections
  • Status updates and newsfeed posts
  • Network building
  • Blogging
  • LinkedIn Groups

And, like any other social media platform, you have the opportunity to leverage your free or paid marketing with high-quality photos, videos, and graphics that further establish your brand.

Reason #4: LinkedIn Offers Business Page Analytics

Whenever you post a news update from your company page, LinkedIn provides you with analytics that tells you how many impressions your post receives, the number of clicks your post generates, and the number of Interactions your post receives.

Analytics is not available when you post an update from your personal LinkedIn profile. However, you will see how many likes and comments the post has received and who has interacted with your posts. 

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