Why You Should Make the Switch to Google Analytics 4

It’s been over a year (Oct 2020) since Google introduced Google Analytics 4, the next product in the analytics platform. GA4 delivers new features like machine learning and app compatibility to an already impressive set of tools. With these new capabilities on the table, should you add GA4 to your analytics tools? We think so.

One of the biggest selling points of switching to Google Analytics 4 is using GA4 with your current universal analytics (UA) platform. In other words, you don’t have to toss your current tools aside and start from scratch with Google Analytics 4. Our latest blog looks at how Google Analytics 4 can enhance the analytics tools and strategies you are currently using for your real estate investment business.

What is Google Analytics?

If you are just entering the world of digital marketing - specifically Google Paid Ads or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - you need to understand how Google analyzes your ads. 

Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google to track and analyze your website’s traffic. The tool collects data from your website and transforms it into easy-to-read charts, graphs, and tables. There are almost limitless options when it comes to viewing reports of collected data. 

If you use other Google services, such as Google Ads or Google My Business, Google Analytics is necessaryto runato curate campaigns and promotions for their clients successfullyur business. It is the foundation of reporting and supplies valuable data.

Using Google Analytics gives you an integrated digital strategy. You’ll be able to see your website traffic along with traffic from other platforms. 

Some of Google Analytics’ most important features include

  • Real-time and active reports
  • Buyer persona activity
  • Audience sourcing (where are they coming from?)
  • Qualified leads and user behavior
  • Conversion reports

When you work with a digital marketing agency, they can help you set up or get access to your business’s analytics through your website host. The agency can also provide in-depth, custom reports based on your specifications.

8 Reasons to Switch to Google Analytics 4

The biggest reason to switch to GA 4 is to optimize your Google analytics experience. Google is continually updating its features and services. As such, you should switch whenever they offer a major update. Using previous versions of Google Analytics will not hurt your business. But why not use better tools when they can enhance your marketing strategy and data reporting?

There are several reasons to switch to Google Analytics 4.

1. Compatible with Your Current Universal Analytics (UA)

Even if you upgrade to GA4, you’ll still have your UA features on hand. Google allows businesses to use GA4 and UA together. If you keep UA and add GA4, you’ll be able to take advantage of both platforms’ strengths. UA and GA4 balance each other out with different features that have their own merits.

2. Future Google Insights

Switching to GA4 gives you insight into what Google has planned for the future. Google is moving toward an experience-based search algorithm that you’ll see reflected in GA4’s analytics. Keep in mind that out-of-the-box engagement is the default mode for GA4. Google prioritizes user experience above everything else. Keeping current with GA4 can put you ahead of the competition.

3. Updated Privacy Features

Modern marketing depends on tracking (i.e., cookies) to collect data on consumers. Tracking presents privacy and security issues. GA4 anticipates cookieless tracking and stricter privacy rules for customers in the future. Therefore, it can use modeling powered by machine learning to paint an image of visitor habits by filling in gaps where user data is not accessible as cookies are phased out or blocked by computer makers, browser developers, or government regulations. 

4. More Data to Report

GA4 has machine learning capabilities but can’t use historical data. It can only use data that it has gathered over time. To get it up and running, you should allow it to collect data immediately. This is the basis of its analytics capabilities and dictates how powerful it can be. Simply put, the more data, the more time, the better analysis.

5. Google Will Phase Out UA Eventually

Eventually, you will have to update to GA4 since Google is phasing out UA. At the pace that tech is moving, every brand will eventually have some sort of digital presence and probably some sort of app. Marketers need to know who visits their brands’ pages in order to successfully curate campaigns and promotions for their clients. That is something that sets GA4 far ahead of UA.

6. You Get Multi-Channel Analytics

GA4 enables you to track analytics for websites and applications. You can pull analytics from multiple properties to see all your data across channels. GA4 is for marketing experts who intend to integrate information from several sites or mobile apps. You can set up multiple information streams such as an iOS application, Android app, or an internet site.

7. Predictive Modeling

Google is known for machine learning and predictive analytics. GA4 will be utilizing a more sophisticated AI that will eventually provide more information into data and provide better insights into understanding the data moving forward. GA4’s predictive modeling features have plenty of potential for real estate investors. They’ll help you find more motivated sellers and stay nimble in an ever-changing market. 

8. Faster Reporting

GA4 offers more efficient reporting than UA. Google has redesigned it from the ground up for speed and functionality. Normal reports in GA4 produce faster and are more powerful at the same time. The Insight feature provides moment-to-moment analysis and projections based on your website analytics.

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