Chances are, if you are hiring a digital marketing agency to help you with branding, SEO, reputation management, and paid ads for your real estate investment business, two things are true

Working With a Digital Marketing Agency: What’s My Role As the Client

Chances are, if you are hiring a digital marketing agency to help you with branding, SEO, reputation management, and paid ads for your real estate investment business, two things are true:

  1. You know your strengths and weaknesses and where your focus should and shouldn’t be.
  2. You are serious about ensuring you get the highest ROI on your marketing dollars.

A digital marketing agency has the resources, talent, and time to market your business and help you find more motivated seller leads. A team with a marketing expert in every seat can lighten your load so that you can focus more on other areas of your business. 

An agency gives you confidence that skilled professionals are providing the marketing support your real estate investment business needs.

Marketing Is a Team Effort.

Just because you’ve outsourced your marketing to an agency doesn’t mean you unload all tasks on the marketing team and then walk away. Your active participation in a marketing strategy built specifically for you allows the agency to best meet your needs and help you reach your marketing goals.

Remember this:

So, if you want to see your marketing dollars at work, roll up your sleeves and become a team player with the company you just hired to do your marketing for your REI business.

Your Role In Digital Marketing As a Client

At Freedom Leads, our team makes every effort to include your team in our marketing strategy. Although we feel that we have developed a proven method for getting your more motivated seller leads, none of our efforts work without your participation. 

However, many real estate investors we work with are not marketing experts. Consequently, they are unsure of their role in digital marketing or where they can best help our team. Below are some suggestions on how to help us as we move your marketing forward. 

1. Fill Out the Onboarding Form in Its Entirety

The best way to introduce your company to our entire team is to fill out the onboarding form in its entirety. The form gives us an in-depth look at your company profile, including key characteristics, such as

  • Business information
  • SEO and paid ads strategy
  • Company background and history
  • Branding and messaging
  • Company values
  • Logistical information
  • Social media presence
  • Website preferences
  • The more information you provide, the better we can

    • Refine your brand
    • Craft your message
    • Develop your marketing strategy
    • Connect with your audience
    • Increase lead conversions

    2. Schedule Regular Meetings with Your Marketing Team.

    Monthly client meetings are important at Freedom Leads. We value your time, so we keep the meetings short - typically around 30 minutes. However, we make the meetings as valuable to you as possible during that time. 

    We provide key information and measurable data that clearly explains how your marketing strategy is performing. We cover the following five topics in the meeting:

    1. Last month’s performance & data (leads, qualified leads, offers, contracts, deals)
    2. Adjustments we made in your marketing strategy last month
    3. Adjustments we are making in your marketing strategy this month
    4. Listening to your ideas and feedback
    5. Answering your questions

    At Freedom Leads, we consider ourselves an extension of your company. To be most effective and efficient with your marketing strategy, we establish a clear line of communication by scheduling meetings with you and your team each month. 

    3. Handle Leads That We Provide

    Our entire real estate investment marketing strategy - including reputation management, SEO and paid ads  -  is geared toward getting you more qualified motivated seller leads. We use a variety of digital tools to achieve this goal.

    Our primary tool is our Spark Follow-Up CRM for tracking and optimizing leads. We also provide data and analytics through CallRail, Google Analytics, and Facebook, keeping you informed of your progress along the way. We’ve developed a proven process that helps you get more leads in your target market.

    Responding to those leads, as you will know best, is the last step in the process.

    How you handle leads ultimately determines the success or failure of the marketing campaign. So, as the client, your role is to

    • Answer incoming phone calls as soon as they occur
    • Reply to new form submissions within five minutes
    • Update leads and provide quick feedback in Spark
    • Let us know how you’re doing with your motivated seller leads

    Handling qualified leads properly should be the top priority in your marketing approach. So, have your system set up so you can quickly respond to calls or submission forms and provide feedback after each interaction. Providing feedback helps us ensure that our system is working properly and that we are providing the right leads.

    Why Agency-Client Collaboration Is Vital to Your Success

    Working with numerous real estate investors over several years has taught us that collaboration between the agency and the client is critical to generating long-term results. 

    When developing marketing strategies for real estate investors, we guide you through the process, listen to your feedback and ideas, and keep you informed through each step. There are several benefits to the collaborative approach.

    Clear and Reasonable Expectations

    While Freedom Leads’s job is to brainstorm and apply ideas and new strategies to your marketing, we also know that each tactic should align with your company’s business objectives. Taking the time to communicate your objectives and expectations keeps us in line with your mission. It also prevents unrealistic expectations and unwelcomed surprises

    Clear and Reasonable Timelines

    When you’re spending a sizable budget on SEO and paid ads each month, it’s easy to get impatient and wonder when you’ll see results. Sitting down and talking strategy with your digital marketing team allows you to take part in your campaign and when you can expect them to generate the results you need to get a good ROI. 

    Healthy Calculated Risks

    Marketing is about taking calculated risks. However, what is considered a risk differs for each real estate investor. It helps the Freedom Leads marketing team to know how far to push the boundaries and take risks with your marketing dollars. When you collaborate, we take risks together - not alone. 

    Creative Personalized Branding

    No one knows your brand as well as you. However, communicating your brand in the marketplace is not always easy. By collaborating with Freedom Leads marketing team, you can see your ideas come to life through content, images, videos, ads, and social media platforms. It’s a work in progress that only comes to fruition through a collaborative spirit. 

    Open and Transparent Feedback

    A project may fall short of expectations from time to time. A reputable digital marketing agency wants to learn from and improve each project. So, it’s vital to work alongside the agency to make changes and ensure the work meets your expectations. When you’re pleased with a project, expressing this to your agency gives them an understanding of what works well.

    Higher Satisfaction Rate

    You outsourced marketing to an agency you trust to deliver results based on your marketing and revenue goals. If you think of the agency as an extension of your business, you are more likely to work alongside the marketing team. Doing so will increase the chances of getting the results you want, leading to higher long-term satisfaction and a healthy business relationship.

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