In 2013, Freedom Leads founder, Jacob Hicks, began his entrepreneurial journey in the network marketing industry. Seeking opportunities for professional growth, he discovered the concept of online lead generation by building out landing pages and driving traffic through various channels. This concept opened up a new world.

In 2015, Jacob used his marketing experience to join Google as an account strategist on their UMM (upper mass market) team. Google provided Jacob with a book of contacts made up of hundreds of businesses whose combined quarterly ad spend averaged around $1M. Jacob consulted with these businesses to drive up their ROI, leveraging their ability to scale their marketing budget and grow their business. In less than a year, he climbed up his department’s leaderboard into the top 5 performers on a team of over 70 strategists. While consulting with businesses across the US, Jacob identified two key problems:

1. Poor Marketing Strategy: Businesses did not have a complete marketing strategy in place while running Google ads. Without a properly optimized landing page or website, they failed to maximize their ad spend. If the businesses did successfully generate leads, they would often lose opportunities due to a poor, non-systemized follow up process. Without key components in place, their chances of a successful Google ad campaign were slim.

2. Poor Marketing Management: The second issue Jacob identified was poor marketing management from digital marketing agencies that represented their clients. When contacting business owners to offer help with Google ads, owners would refer Jacob to the digital marketing agency managing their Google Ad campaigns. In numerous cases, these agencies were poorly managing their client’s Google ad spend dollars among other issues.

Due to these primary issues Jacob saw a need for a knowledgeable & professional marketing company that could help companies run a successful online marketing campaign from start to finish. It was out of this need that Jacob founded Freedom Leads, a comprehensive marketing agency.

In 2018, Freedom Leads collaborated with their first client in the real estate investing space, a wholesaler in Pennsylvania. Within three months, Freedom Leads helped the wholesaler generate a 3x ROI through Google ads. Jacob wanted to see if he could repeat that same strategy with other wholesalers & investors in other markets and sure enough it worked. This led to the creation of our Motivated Sellers Marketing Program.

Since then, Jacob has worked with dozens of real estate investors across the US and has learned what they need to execute a successful online marketing strategy. He has enlisted a team of seasoned professionals that bring invaluable experience and expertise in every area of real estate marketing including search engine optimization, social media ads, reputation management, content writing, and more.

Today, the Freedom Leads team collects marketing data based on hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend. Utilizing current and accurate information, Freedom Leads continues to enter various markets nationwide to help investors generate qualified motivated seller leads. They also help investors grow a credible, authoritative online brand that yields long-term results.

If you are an experienced investor looking to take your internet presence to the next level, our Motivated Sellers Marketing Program is what you’re looking for. Are you ready to get started? Claim your market now!.


Brian Schwarze, Client Success Manager

Hello! I'm Brian and I'm the Client Success Manager here at Freedom Leads. My wife and I live in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan which makes me an official "Yooper". We have a cat that loves attention, so you may see her make an appearance when we have any meetings! I look forward to helping you become the Go To RE Investor in your market!

Larry Weideman, SEO Manager

I have been in the digital marketing space for almost 10 years with extensive SEO experience, helping a wide range of clients from ecommerce startups to established organizations and of course real estate investors.

In my spare time when I’m not doing something with my wife and 3 boys, I enjoy running and playing basketball. I complete at least one full marathon a year and a few half marathons.

Edward Humphries, Content Manager

Over the last eight years, I have immersed myself in the world of SEO, applying it to writing content for websites, blogs, social media, email campaigns, and marketing collateral. I have received extensive SEO training, which has given me the tools necessary to optimize websites for Google rankings, readability, and lead conversion. When I'm not writing, I enjoy spending time with my wife, camping, hiking, working out, and playing music.

Soar Philip Delos Santos, Data Manager

I'm Soar! I'm the Data Manager for Freedom Leads, residing in the Philippines and currently getting a degree in BA English. I set up our clients for success by keeping their data organized and up to date to help our team make data-driven decisions. I like to travel, play tennis and basketball, and day trade in markets, but more than that, I love making music!

Ben Delos Santos, Data Specialist

Hey! I'm Ben, from the Philippines, currently studying Arts in Communication as a freshman. The core of my role in Freedom Leads is keeping our client's data as organized, detailed, and updated as possible. On another note, I generally love balancing time to myself and hanging out with my people. I am most passionate for performing acts, skits and music on stage or in videos.