While every real estate investor does marketing a little differently, there’s one thing highly successful investors all have in common: a website. Whether building their own site, using a content management system such as WordPress, or working exclusively through a real estate digital marketing agency, smart investors understand that a powerful website is the core of their entire digital marketing strategy.

Our Investor Carrot Review

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While every real estate investor does marketing a little differently, there’s one thing highly successful investors all have in common: a website.

Whether building their own site, using a content management system such as WordPress, or working exclusively through a real estate digital marketing agency, smart investors understand that a powerful website is the core of their entire digital marketing strategy.

Investor Carrot Website Services

One of the most popular resources for building a real estate investment website is Investor Carrot website services, a subscription service that allows investors to build a website from the ground up. Carrot provides seemly endless tools for investors in a variety of real estate transactions, including

  • Short sale investing
  • Multifamily real estate
  • Note buying
  • Wholesaling
  • House flipping
  • Mobile home investing
  • Real estate agents

One of the things that makes Carrot stand out is that users can customize their website down to the smallest details. An investor with just a little creativity can build a site from Investor Carrot website templates and manage it as they go. Carrot provides SEO, performance, and ROI tools and services to enhance the website’s visibility online.

How Carrot’s Website Service Works

Investor Carrot’s website service is specially designed to generate more leads for real estate professionals. They do this in several ways.

  • Landing page builder
  • Customer support
  • Customer training
  • Weekly strategy calls
  • Site optimization
  • SMS lead notifications
  • Security updates
  • Property listings
  • Website hosting
  • CRM integrations
  • Downloadable guides
  • Mobile responsive

High Converting Websites and Training

Investor Carrot Marketplace services offer a fully-customized website that highlights the investor brand and helps them gain more visibility online and convert more qualified leads. The Carrot team also goes the extra mile by offering training about advertising the website on social media and paid ads. You can get started using their Marketing Plan Generator.

Landing Pages

If you’re like most investors, you market your business in multiple markets. Building a new website for each market is costly and impractical. Carrot solves this problem by allowing you to create multiple landing pages - one for each market. You can add landing pages to your website so that you’re still marketing from a single hub.

Lead Management

For investors, a quick lead response is critical to getting on top of a real estate deal. Carrot offers an array of personalized tools for getting and organizing leads. The investor receives an instant notification via text message when a lead comes in. Users can choose Carrot’s onboard CRM or integrate their own via Carrot’s API.

Automated Content Marketing

Website management can be a full-time job. Carrot’s content program built on the WordPress platform makes it easier to automate tasks and manage your website in fewer steps. Carrot also provides keyword placement guidance and content packs, making generating and publishing content each month easier.

Custom Content

Writing content for your website is another thing that can take up a lot of your time. Carrot saves you the trouble of writing your content by providing pre-written content customized for your REI website. The content is optimized for Google rankings, readability, and conversion. They also provide pre-written blogs at no additional cost.

Contact Forms

Carrot provides contact forms placed strategically on your website. Sellers navigate from an initial form to an in-depth form, which helps you identify qualified leads and serious sellers. You can integrate forms with your own CMS or use Carrot’s CMS system. Carrot’s API is compatible with Constant Contact, Zapier, iContact, Podio, Zoho CRM, Aweber, and Mailchimp.

Data-Driven Campaign Tracking

How do you know if your website gets traffic? How can you tell where your leads are coming from? Carrot’s all-in-one campaign tracking system monitors activity to and from your website through backlinks, landing pages, keywords, social

media, and Google PPC Reports. You can generate instant reports to see how your website is performing.

To see Investor Carrot website examples for both investors and agents, click the link below:

Investor Carrot Pricing and Plans

Investor Carrot pricing and plans are flexible enough to meet your marketing goals without killing your budget. You can choose between annual billing (which is supposed to save you nearly $500) or monthly billing. Here’s a brief overview of the Investor Carrot plans:

Plan 1: Core

$69 per month

Core is Carrot’s basic plan and offers a wealth of website services and products, including

  • One fully designed, customized website
  • Automated lead management system
  • Automated SMS lead notifications
  • Live chat & email support
  • Two campaign track links
  • User-friendly visual editor
  • Landing page builder

Plan 2: Content Pro

Carrot’s Content Pro goes beyond just giving you more of the same thing. It provides more functions and features that you will find useful as your marketing becomes more advanced. Some of the enhanced Core Plan features include 2 more websites and 15 total campaign track links. Added features include

  • SEO tools for improving your ranking
  • CRM and marketing integrations
  • Group coaching calls
  • VideoPost - allows you to post videos and turn them into blogs
  • Content library - access to pre-written blogs (12 per year)

Plan 3: Advanced Marketer

Building on the Core and Content Pro plans, Carrot’s Advanced Marketer plan focuses more on in-house services from dedicated marketing specialists who can do a lot of the work for you. Plus, you get more of the same features in the other plans. Key features not found in the other plans include

  • Hybrid sites for the agent/investor
  • Phone support
  • Access to a Carrot coach and onboarding specialists
  • One-on-one marketing strategy reviews from experts
  • In-house service discounts

In addition to the main plans, Carrot offers a premier Authority Leader plan designed to enhance your brand and automate almost every facet of your website. For instance, you get an annual custom web design refresh, tailored blog posts, custom landing pages, annual SEO audits, and optimized video posts.

You can remove Carrot branding from your website, get a dedicated account rep, site reviews, performance reviews, and access to CarrotCamp training. While you can find many of these features in other digital market agencies, Carrot’s exclusive platforms and services are a first in the real estate industry.

While there is no Carrot investor free trial, they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pros and Cons of Investor Carrot

With all of the great content, unique features, and valuable services Investor Carrot offers, the Carrot platform has a few drawbacks. Let’s look at some Pros and Cons.

What Carrot Does Well

Perhaps the best thing about Investor Carrot is that it's generous with the amount of content, the number of tools, and the personalized services for real estate investors. With Carrot, you can manage your landing pages, SEO, and paid ads. You never have to worry about getting fresh content added to your site.

Carrot allows you to decide how much control you want over your marketing and how much you want to hand over to their specialists. If you are a marketing and tech guru that just needs a platform, you can customize your site, automate your tasks, develop your marketing strategy, and execute it as you wish.

However, if you need a lot of help with your marketing or don’t have time to sit behind the computer, Carrot provides a full in-house team that can perform nearly every marketing task and keep you in the loop. They’ll train you if you lack experience but want to learn.

Carrot allows you to design your website and gives you all the free resources, tools, and backup you need to create a professional site you can be proud of.

What Carrot Could Improve

Like every other marketing SaaS or subscription service out there, the more features and tools a company offers, the more difficult it becomes to navigate the dashboard. So, it is with Carrot’s platform. It’s not as ‘user-friendly’ as advertised.

Some investors may cancel the service simply because they don’t know how to move around the platform. The good news is that Investor Carrot recognizes the potential problem and compensates by offering lots of training, the Evergreen Marketing Webinar, and customer support. Still, the dashboard is too busy and not designed for novice users.

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