Marketing Resources for Real Estate Investors

Welcome to the Freedom Leads Ultimate Resource Page. Here, you can learn more about how to improve your marketing efforts while partnering with the Freedom Leads team. Read below to gain insights into the inner workings of your marketing strategies to attract more motivated seller leads.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO refers to all search engine optimization strategies that don't involve updating or publishing the content on a web page. Many of the strategies that SEO specialists use are behind the scenes. 

You may not immediately see the impact of off-page the way you do on-page SEO. However, it’s a core part of the SEO process and can boost your page’s performance. Some of the most common off-page SEO strategies are included in the graphic below.

Off-Page SEO Resources:

Google Webmaster Blog Lots of news, tips, and information on all things Google. Get in the know about the latest Google updates and marketing products.
Google's SEO Starter Guide This is the definitive guide on how to get started with website optimization in Google’s search engine.
Google's Webmaster YouTube Channel The YouTube channel where you can find information and tools to help you understand and improve your site in Google Search.
Search Engine Journal Educating and empowering the SEO community by providing the freshest news and latest best practices from the industry’s smartest SEO professionals.
Search Engine Land Covers all aspects of digital marketing, SEO, and advertising technology. Get daily news, including breaking stories and industry trends.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is optimizing the web pages on your site to improve rankings and user experience. The primary goal of on-page SEO or web page content is to convert visitors into qualified motivated seller leads.

Effective on-page SEO also accurately reflects your brand and engages motivated sellers with clear, concise messaging about your real estate services. Content can include text, images, videos, forms, tables, lists, links, and graphics.

On-Page SEO Resources:

Neil Patel Blog Patel’s blog goes in-depth about SEO for both experts and beginners. His beginner guide consolidates important SEO resources and links them into one place.
The Backlinko Blog Brian Dean is a master at walking beginners through the fundamentals of on-page SEO. His blogs are easy to understand and include helpful visuals.
Moz Beginners SEO Guide Moz’s Guide to SEO and Blog gives you a fascinating look into on-page SEO.  The SEO guide teaches you how to make your site friendlier to search engines. 
SEMRush SEO Courses SEMRush offers online marketing and SEO courses that provide valuable insights regardless of where you are on the marketing scale.
Mangools SEO Guide It’s the beginner's guide even your grandma would understand. The guide outlines SEO basics and will help you build upon your on-page SEO, keyword searches and user experience (UX).

Google Paid Ads

Google Ads (PPC) for real estate investors is an excellent method to attract motivated sellers actively searching to sell their house fast & other related searches in your target market. You can place your ads in search engine results, videos (YouTube), mobile, apps, and other platforms provided by Google.

Compared to many of the other marketing strategies for real estate investors, inbound leads from search engines like Google are some of the hottest leads you will receive. When you develop an effective strategy around Google Ads, you can get powerful results.

Google Paid Ads Resources:

Here are some practical resources for real estate professionals to learn more about Google Paid Ads:

SkillShop (GAds Certification) Have you ever wanted to master Google Ads? The Google Ads search certification can help you develop a paid ads strategy that works for your REI business.
Udemy The Udemy Google Ads training course can help you learn how to create, develop, and optimize your own Google Paid Ads campaigns.
PPC Protect Whether you’re a Google Ads beginner or expert, you can take your skills to the next level with paid and free Google Ad courses.
Wordstream A great resource for learning as much as you can about Google Ads from well-known resources, including Wordstream, Google, Santrel Media, and Metrics Media.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads for Real Estate Investors can be another powerful tool to generate motivated seller leads. There are various types of Facebook ads you can run, such as image ads, video ads, polls, carousel ads, lead ads & more. 

The top three ad types that we run for our wholesalers & investors include image, video & carousel ads. Lead ads are simple to set up and generate the cheapest leads. However, based on our years of experience & testing, we have found low-quality leads from these types of ads. As such, we generally recommend avoiding them. 

You can also run Facebook ads to increase your visibility in your local market by boosting various pages or blogs from your website.

Facebook Ads Resources:

Here are some practical resources for real estate professionals to learn more about Facebook ads:Here are some practical resources for real estate professionals to learn more about Facebook ads:

Meta Blueprint Meta Blueprint offers free, self-guided courses designed to help you develop your marketing campaign on social media platforms like Facebook. Instagram Messenger, and Whatsapp.
Hubspot Hubspot offers an easy-to-learn master course on Facebook Ads. Learn about generating leads, crafting a strategy, designing winning ad campaigns, and measuring your success.
Udemy Udemy offers a wide range of low-cost courses on creating and developing successful Facebook Ad campaigns. Courses are available for every level of skill and experience.
Realiable Soft Want to learn more about Facebook Ads? Reliable Soft’s resource page gives you access to courses from Facebook, Hubspot, LinkedIn, Skillshare, Neil Patel, Alison, and Reliable Soft.
Forbes Fascinating article on how real estate investors can use the Facebook paid ad platform to find motivated sellers looking to sell off-market properties.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is the practice of establishing your REI brand in a way that builds trust with motivated sellers that you’re capable of solving whatever problem they're currently experiencing. 

Some methods of building up your reputation include actively seeking to generate new Google & Facebook reviews, getting accredited by the BBB, collecting testimonial videos from sellers you’ve helped, etc.

In today’s REI industry, there is no shortage of competition, regardless of the market you’re buying houses in. Focusing on building your online reputation will help you stand out from your competition, allowing you to generate more opportunities and close more deals.

Reputation Management Resources

Here are some practical resources for real estate professionals to learn about reputation management.

Fortune Builders Blog Great article on the importance of online reputation management. It provides an in-depth look at reputation management and how it helps your REI business.
REIQ REIQ’s informative blog on reputation management and why it’s important to invest in marketing and campaigns that boost your brand.
Spectoos The Spectoos Blog gives you ongoing insights into how to develop online marketing strategies and create a better experience for sellers that visit your online platforms.
CNET If you are a motivated investor with a little marketing savvy, this article is for you. CNET offers a brief but powerful course on DIY reputation management.
Forbes Forbes magazine article on why and how digital marketing is essential to your real estate investment business success.

Tracking & Analytics

Data tracking is selecting specific metrics and events to track, then collecting, organizing, and analyzing the resulting data. Once you've analyzed the data, you can apply your insights to improve business performance, ad campaigns, seller experience, etc.

Data tracking is useful for real estate businesses to understand motivated seller behaviors better. It provides your business with insight into seller behaviors on your website, landing pages, and blog articles so that you can improve marketing and ultimately increase profits.

Tracking and Analytics Resources

Here are some practical resources for real estate professionals to learn more about data and tracking.

AX Insights Article on why conversion tracking is important. Explains conversion tracking and its benefits.
Google Support An in-depth look at Google’s conversion tracking tool, how it works, and the benefits of conversion tracking.
Facebook Support An in-depth look at Facebook conversion tracking and how to understand different types of events. You can also learn about custom conversions.
OWOX - Setting up GA / GTM Tracking (Forms) OWOX’s blog on how to set up form tracking analytics with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics
Pro Faceoff - Setting up FB Form Tracking Pro Faceoff’s Ultimate Guide to track form submission with Facebook Pixel