Social media is a great marketing channel for real estate investors today. We provide innovative marketing solutions for social media ads on popular platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. The Motivated Sellers Marketing Program can leverage your social media channels to produce a consistent flow of qualified leads every single week.

Our social media ads can grow your brand and help you establish additional credibility to set yourself apart from the competition in your local market. The Freedom Leads team is ready to meet you where you are and take you to the next level.

Benefits Of Leveraging Social Media For Your REI Company

There are numerous benefits to advertising on social media to generate motivated seller leads. Facebook, Instagram & YouTube make up the top 3 platforms we use to find motivated sellers for our investors. Because Facebook & Instagram are not considered search engines like Google & YouTube, you’ll typically generate lesser quality leads when compared to running paid ads on a search engine. The reason is is because the leads lose search intent. With search engine marketing (i.e. Google & YouTube), we know that the seller is actively searching for solutions to sell their house fast. With social media, we do not know that. With that being said, both Facebook & Instagram are still very effective channels at finding motivated sellers and more importantly, buying houses. Even though the quality is, on average, lesser than Google & YouTube, the cost per leads is oftentimes 2-5X less.

Some of the main benefits include:

Increase Your Credibility Based Brands Exposure

Social media allows you to build your brand with compelling, credibility-based content and attention-getting videos, images, and graphics. We can help you become the authoritative, go-to home buyer in your market.

Drive Traffic To Your Brand

Increase the number of sellers who are visiting your landing pages and website every month. The more targeted traffic that visits your webpages, the more attention your REI brand gets and the more leads you will have. You can then go a step further and retarget this traffic to keep your brand top of mind with sellers.

Engage With Motivated Sellers

Many people who see your ads on social media channels such as Facebook & Instagram may not know your cash offer service is an option for them. By running ads that explain WHO you help and HOW you help them, you can educate your local market and get them to engage with your brand. Today, over 70% of people are using at least 1 social media platform & YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine behind Google. This means you can connect with virtually anyone in your local market by tapping into the power of social media ads.

Generate Motivated Seller Leads

When you incorporate credibility into your social media ads, you not only educate your local market about your cash offer solution, but you also build their belief that YOU specifically are a qualified, trustworthy option. Give sellers an easy way to submit their contact and property information with you and then follow up via phone call right away to begin the conversation and visit their property.

When you combine Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google, you get the best of all worlds. Google and YouTube give you the highest quality leads with a target that is fine-tuned for performance. Facebook and Instagram expand your market, increasing your chances of getting leads from home sellers who may not be aware your house selling solution exists.


When it comes to advertising on social media, you need to make sure you are on platforms that give you the greatest exposure and most clicks. We partner with real estate investors to develop marketing strategies on the following sites:

YouTube Ads for Motivated Sellers:

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine behind the Google search engine. YouTube is also owned by Google, which means these two platforms work in conjunction and share the same marketing data. We launch video marketing campaigns that target sellers actively searching to sell their house fast online, regardless of the video they are watching on YouTube.

We provide proven scripts that you can record directly from your phone without using advanced recording equipment. YouTube allows you to establish trust & credibility with your local audience because viewers can see you in action and listen to your message as you interact with the camera. We will then use your same landing page that we use with Google search ads to drive the YouTube traffic to. Because both Google & YouTube is search based, we have found using the same type of landing page works great.

Facebook & Instagram Ads for Motivated Sellers:

With Facebook and Instagram, you can do more on a smaller budget. While the leads are not typically as qualified as they are on Google or YouTube (meaning it will take more leads to find a deal when compared to Google & YouTube), your market reach is much greater. Simply decide where you want to target your ads and we’ll create the ads and distribute the content. You are likely to find sellers across the spectrum, with many being on target.

These clicks will be driven toward a survey style landing page, which is different than what we do with Google. Due to the nature of Facebook & Instagram, we make the visitor fill out more information about the property in order to be counted as a lead. By doing this, we are able to cut back on generating a high volume of low quality leads that ultimately wastes your time. We also put filters in place to help disqualify leads before they get to you. For example, if you don’t buy mobile homes, if the seller says they are selling a mobile home, we can automatically disqualify them for finishing the survey form. In terms of measuring metrics, your “cost per lead” is less important than your “cost per qualified lead” so don’t be fooled by investors who brag about getting $20 leads on Facebook. Yes it’s cheap, but do you want to work smarter or harder to find good deals? Finally, our pre-built automated follow-up sequences in the Spark REI Toolkit will help you to still monetize leads who may not be as motivated and ready to sell at this very moment.


Social Media Strategy Across All Platforms

Our social media experts develop a powerful and cohesive marketing strategy across all platforms. We know what works and how to lead your audience to action. Avoid the guesswork and let us implement our proven process for you.

Content Development and Distribution

Our team handles all written content and image design for your social media platform. We deliver a consistent brand message and reinforce it with high-end graphics. Our experts create ads that drive more clicks and leads that convert.

Retargeting Web Visitors

If you’re not continually marketing to users who previously visited your website, you’re likely leaving several deals a year on the table. This is a critical strategy to developing your brand & reputation in your local market.


Today’s home sellers are spending more time on their mobile devices and less time on their desktops. To reach your audience, you need social media ads that perform incredibly well on all types of devices & screen sizes. We deliver brand-safe and measurable ads that reach motivated sellers on the go.


If you are ready to take your real estate investment business to the next level, contact our team today. Learn more about how we can help you implement our Motivated Sellers Marketing Program in your area. To check the availability of your market, fill out our application form or contact us at 877-399-2259. We work with a limited number of real estate investors per market, so claim your market today.