• 100% Done-For-You Custom Campaigns
  • Build Your Brand & Credibility
  • Multi-Channel Inbound Lead System
  • Use Our In-House Acq. & Dispo Team
  • Performance Based Model

WHO WE are?

In 2015, our founder, Jacob Hicks, leveraged his online lead generation experience from network marketing to become a top-performing account strategist working with Google, consistently responsible for $1M in quarterly spend between all client accounts. Identifying common issues in businesses marketing strategy & execution, he saw a need for more trustworthy and reliable marketing agencies to provide full end-to-end solutions, leading to the birth of Freedom Leads (formerly Magnyfi).

In 2018, Freedom Leads’ success story began with running Google ad campaigns for a Pennsylvania wholesaler, achieving a 3x ROI in three short months. This triumph led to Jacob bringing on additional wholesalers & investors to try and replicate that success, and that’s exactly what happened. Today, Jacob and his seasoned team bring extensive experience in real estate investor marketing, offering services such as SEO, Google ads, social media ads, reputation management, CRM setup, & more. With a track record of success and a commitment to quality, Freedom Leads continues to expand its presence, helping investors throughout the nation get one step closer to their ultimate goal of time & financial freedom.


"I use to work with a group out of Colorado and quite frankly I felt like I was throwing money at the wind when it came to my PPC & my SEO wasn't nearly as strong. I couldn't be happier and I couldn't recommend them more!"

"I think we got 3 contracts or so in the first 45 days. This is night and day to what the other companies provided us, or not provided us I should say. Knowing the direction you are going to take us in is pretty inspiring."

"I think we're picking up some good momentum here. I got the trifecta going right now with the three under contract and that was all within the last month, and then we had that one close last month"

"I had to come with high expectations, and that's a shame because I've been through other guys and they're all terrible. I don't have anything negative to say about you guys, you're doing a great job. I'm more than happy!"

“The rest of it, the SEO, has really taken off now. It’s worked well. Jacob’s been very pleasant to work with and has always done exactly what he said he’s going to do. You just have to accept the fact that it is a process and it’s not going to happen overnight.

"With the inbound marketing, the stuff that we are getting from Freedom Leads, the sellers are more ready to make a decision. Our leads to purchase agreements are turning a lot faster, some within weeks and actually some within days.”

"The online leads are usually very hot. The only leads with higher motivation are the ones that walk into our office and say I need to sell now. The CRM you guys use is extremely helpful and helps us get to those leads quicker than others."

"The numbers don’t lie. We got a couple deals right off the bat that were fairly seamless giving us a ROI very quickly, within the first 45-60 days. That was exciting to know we paid for these services for awhile so let’s keep it rolling and get some more."

Are You Tired & Frustrated With Traditional Outbound Marketing Strategies?

Starting your journey as a real estate investor often involves using cheaper outbound marketing methods like cold calling, texting (now illegal to do) and driving for dollars. However, these approaches demand a significant investment of your time, energy, and resources and can be tough to scale. As you progress, transitioning to more efficient inbound marketing strategies empowers you to reclaim your time and energy. By attracting motivated sellers who actively seek a cash offer from you, the paradigm shifts from chasing potential sellers to having them come to you.

How Our Multi-Channel Inbound Lead System Works

We leverage your brand & credibility to consistently drive inbound motivated seller leads into your sales funnel. Haven’t established your online credibility yet? Don’t worry, we’ll help you do that. Establishing your online credibility profile is the best way to increase your conversion rate, lower your cost-per-lead & pre-frame your leads that your company is the best solution to their problem. We will integrate our system directly with your CRM, or if needed, set you up on ours which includes plug & play speed-to-speed and long-term nurture sequences at no extra cost. Best part? If for any reason you’re not closing deals, ask us and our team will personally go in and work your leads for you

Why Work With Us

We Have Paved The Way

We’ve been generating motivated seller leads all over the country since 2018. Because we already know what works and what doesn’t work, we will save you thousands of dollars in trial & error. Trust us, we know.

Exclusive Motivated Seller Leads

Don’t waste your time buying leads that 3rd party lead generation companies are selling to multiple investors at once. No matter what program you work with us on, ALL of the leads we generate are exclusive. Consider us your virtual marketing department.

Data-Driven Campaigns

Whether it's a campaign being run on Google or social media, you get to take advantage of nationwide data we've been collecting for 5+ years. From our 2,500+ list of negative keywords on Google to our social media master pixel, our data ensures your ads are showing to the most motivated sellers.

Inbound Marketing Channels

Google Ads

Google Search Ads for real estate investors has been a powerful inbound marketing channel for the past decade. While these leads tend to cost more than other marketing channels, they also convert into contracts at one of the highest rates. As your business scales and your time becomes more valuable, implementing highly efficient marketing channels like Google Ads can help you buy back your time.

 Meta Ads

Meta Ads (formerly Facebook) for real estate investors tend to get a bad reputation. This is primarily because the average marketing agency focuses on quantity, not quality. They brag about the cheap cost-per-lead but fail to mention how many of those leads are actually qualified. At Freedom Leads, we value your time, and believe in a quality over quantity based approach.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO for real estate investors is a powerful marketing channel to establish alongside your paid advertising campaigns. SEO is the strategy businesses deploy to rank their website on the 1st page of search engines, primarily Google, but also Bing, DuckDuckGo & Yahoo. While this strategy generally takes at least 6-12 months to gain traction, the long-term benefits will give you a consistent flow of the highest quality motivated seller leads you can get.

Case Studies

Chad K. (Flipper & Landlord)

  • Total Ad Spend: $22,984.88
  • Houses Bought: 10
  • Profit: $249,723.55
  • Close Rate: 6.6%
  • Return on Ad Spend: 10.9X

Chris A. (Wholesaler & Investor)

  • Total Ad Spend: $6,472.06
  • Houses Bought: 4
  • Profit: $47,925
  • Close Rate: 6.3%
  • Return on Ad Spend: 7.4X 

Daniel T. (Wholesaler & Flipper)

  • Total Ad Spend: $20,475.89
  • Houses Bought: 5
  • Profit: $250,000
  • Close Rate: 5.2%
  • Return on Ad Spend: 12.2X 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of doing custom campaigns with you?

The average real estate wholesaler or investor we work with starts with an all-in budget of $3,000 - $7,500/mo, however many scale beyond this as their campaigns mature. The minimum requirement is $3,000/mo, so if you’re not prepared to invest that yet, unfortunately we will not be a good fit.

Do you use my brand to generate these leads?

Yes, not only do we use your brand, but we help to further establish your brand’s online credibility so it stands out from the competiton.

Are there any long-term commitments required?

We do require a 90 day commitment to get started. After that, all of our programs are month-to-month. We believe in earning your business month after month, however it’s also important to understand we are not going to wave a magic wand and change your business overnight. If you’re just “dipping your toes in the water” or looking to “try something” we would not be a good fit for each other. In our 6+ years of experience, anyone with this attitude toward their marketing rarely get results.

Do You Guarantee Results?

The real answer is no company can truly guarantee you results. There’s way to many variables, many of which are outside of our control, such as your experience & skillset. With that being said, if you’re not closing deals for any reason, our team will personally go in and work your leads with you. For those who qualify with a proven track record, we can offer our performance based model where we only make money when you do.

What if I don’t have a CRM to help manage the leads?

No worries! If you don’t have a CRM yet, or you have a CRM but you don’t have any automations set up, we can provide you with ours at no additional cost. Our goal isn’t to just generate you high quality motivated seller leads, but to actually convert those leads into signed contracts. That’s why we provide you with all the tools necessary to do so.

Do I own all the work you help me with?

Yes, that is one of the greatest benefits of our custom campaigns option. We are simply acting as your virtual marketing department. You own your brand, your marketing assets, your campaigns, etc.

Can this help my other marketing channels perform better?

When we help real estate investors build & establish their online credibility profile, we tend to get feedback that it helps their other marketing channels perform more effectively, such as their direct mail, cold calling, TV, radio & others.